Counting spells dice cumulatively

Hello, all!

I want to double check myself – Easy Army didn’t calculate everything for me so now I am doubting.

If I take multiple instances of a spell on a magic user, don’t the values cumulate? My entry on Easy Army did not cumulate this.

For example, a necromancer can take ‘Heal (3)’ and also ‘Replace Surge (6) with Heal (3)’. Wouldn’t the necromancer have ‘Heal (6)’ in taking both options?

The Shroud of the Saint states, “The unit gains the Heal (3) spell, or if the unit already has a
Heal spell, its value is increased by 3.” – if I were to apply the Shroud with everything said above, wouldn’t I have Heal (9)?

I’ve read the spells section of the rules, but I didn’t see anything regarding upgrades in this way. I’m really not too worried about the Shroud; I’m mostly wondering about the necromancer’s upgrades.

What do you all think/know?

Short answer is no. Unless a spell or item specifically lists that it adds to a value, it doesn’t stack.

So if a Necromancer takes heal (3) in addition to heal (3), they just have two heal (3) spells, of which they can only cast one per turn. The shroud specifically does state that it stacks, so it would increase to Heal (6).


^ this.

Boomstick explicitly states that the LB can add to existing spell, as does Shroud. Diadem on the the other hand is just free standing LB.

There was an artifact which allowed you to cast an extra spell, so you could technically have both and cast both, but don’t stack unless clearly referenced



I figured if Easy Army didn’t add it all together, then they definitely are to be separated.

@Sceleris @Dave Now would Shroud of the Saint affect both instances of Heal (3) – becoming two instances of Heal (6)?


Yes, but since both the artifact no longer exists and, if it did, you can only take one, you’d be wasting points!

Well I definitely don’t want to waste points! My Heal (9) idea is out of the window now haha

@Sceleris The shroud doesn’t exist, you say? Has the shroud been removed from the game?

Take a Liche King with heal (6) and the shroud. That gives you heal (9).


no, they were talking about the item that let you cast two spells being removed from the game.
The shroud is still here


@Stonehorse – yea I like my liche kings

I’m actually working on a friend’s list (he’s newer to the hobby and wanted to see what we could do).


I don’t run my Undead with out at least 1 Liche King. They do a lot of heavy lifting. Looking forward to trying out the Blizzard spell at some point.


We have the Michigan GT coming up, so I’ve been practicing a lot.

I’m actually running without a liche for my list. Relying on Drain Life with vampires – I hope it all works out!

As much as I like Drain life on paper, I just can’t get past the short range. A Liche King can take Drain Life (7), far greater than that of a Vampire, plus I personally do not rate Vampires as spell casters, they should be getting stuck in looking for enemy jugulars :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Oh, man – now I’m starting to rethink my list!

@Stonehorse , I know you’re a fellow Undead player. Would you like to critique my list?

Only used Undead once so far in 3rd edition, but happily to have a look! Not sure how much merit my advice will be.


@Stonehorse – DM sent

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Used Blizzard today… awesome spell, helped some Balefire Catapults delete a Regiment of Archers on the first turn.


I’m glad it all worked out!

I dig blizzard – the range is incredible.

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