County of Wulfstan

This is actually the first time i post my minis.
I originally wanted to show my Basileans but i actually started basing my squares and since i want to give an appropriate base for each faction they have to wait a bit because of a lack of the appropriate material. (hopefully they won’t have too long)
So instead I will start with my Kingdoms of Men army, the County of Wulfstan.
I fully admit i stylized them after the Cult of Ulric list from old Warhammer I always wanted to start, since i thought (and still think) Ulric was cooler then Sigmar.
Thus I started a army who worship the Shining one Kyron in the form of a great wolf.
So expect a lot of blues and white uniforms and wolf heraldry.
Apologies in advance for the quality of the pictures, I’m still trying to figure out how to take good pictures.

Starting of from left to right .
the General (the Count) , the Fanatic Instigator(the Ur-Kyron) and berserker
Miniatures from Fireforge Games, Blackchapel Miniatures and Frostgrave

Followed by swordsmen captain and banner-carrier and spearmen.
All from Fireforge Games


beautiful work and great photos, something that escapes me when I’m trying to take photographs :smiley:
I love the side and rear shots as well, it really lets you see the full details , terrific work.
Jaun Hildago did a beginners guide to photo graphs that seems to cover the basics for minis, I don’t know if there is anything new you’ll learn from it
but just in case there you go.
I look forward to the next batch of minis

I agree, excellent painting and the colour pallet goes so well with the Fireforge miniatures. I especially like the highlighting around the quited leather which really brings this to life.
I don’t recognise the General from the Fireforge range - can you please tell me if this is this a special figure or is it one of your own conversions?

he looks like the north warden kickstarter exclusive but with a helm @Molybdenum

Excellent painting and the figures look really good too. Any idea how big they are compared to GW Empire plastics?
I was wondering about buying their Pegasus knights, but was worried the horses might look like Shetland ponies next to GW ones

Thank you Gerrcinn.
I really appreciate the guide , I hadn’t seen it prior to now and contained good tips.
I plan on getting a proper camera later since doing it with a phone can be quite a pain, damn thing refuses to focus on the minis sometimes for some reason even when the distance is the same.

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Thank you for the kind words Molybdenum.
Gerrcinn is correct the general is the Kickstarter exclusive model, the store i bought them from had one for sale.
I changed the head with one from their warriors set, added a leftover visor from Perrys Footknights (cutting out the eye area to make it fit ) and added the feathers from the Oathmark Elf infantry set.
Mainly to make him stand out more.
(It is a bit difficult to see but i also added a eyepatch over his right eye with greenstuff.)

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Thank you HouseElf.
I think the models are actually a bit taller the GW empire models (not by much though), they had a picture showing the size during their kickstarter.

In regards of the horses it is a bit difficult to say, the only GW horses i have around are the Chaos Knights i am painting for a friend (He’s actually using them for his Varangur army) and i’m not sure if their is a size difference between chaos horses and normal horses.
Between the chaos horses and FF horses there is a clear difference in size an bulk, the Pegasus horses are bigger however then the standard FF horses and the gap between the Pegasus and Chaos horse is not that big.
I will try to take a picture between the two but i need to assemble the Pegasus first.

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Based from the pictures it seems that size and length are roughly the same, the Chaos horse is a bit bulkier in comparison.


Sorry about the stuff holding the Pegasus up but I thought it was better then seeing my hand holding it up and obscuring too much of the Pegasus.
Also in case you were wondering or were unaware of the Pegasus are made of resin, I know some people are not the biggest fan of the material.


Thanks for the pictures, and for assembling the Pegasus Dubren. They look perfectly acceptable to me. I’m building a KOM army and already have some size differences with troops from different manufacturers which I don’t mind. But I have some early ‘80s GW knights and horses, and they look ridiculously small. In fact they may become skinny halfling knights!
I’ve recently painted some resin (I think) and did have a few Issues with paint coverage even after cleaning, which was frustrating. But unless anyone can suggest another manufacturer I think I’m going to have to go with fireforge
Also, I love that fireforge have the troop size against GW comparison on their kickstarter. They certainly know their audience

Fireforge are great - I got three boxes of their undead peasants and was very happy with them.

You are spoiled as a KoM player. Fireforge, OathMark, Frostgrave, Perry and a ton more historical and that’s just in plastic.

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I’ll definitely get fireforge’s pegasus knights then.
I’ve read that Perry are noticeably smaller than GW, so they’re probably out of consideration.
But you are right: there are so many different miniatures you can use. I’m loving all the renaissance troops. Although my latest pike regiment is ECW and my (very unfurry) mammoth looks suspiciously like it crossed the Alps with Hannibal!

Hi Dubren, Gerrcin,
Thanks for your feedback on the General. It looks like I have missed my chance on this particular miniature, but I will keep an eye on eBay.
On the subject of horses, I use GW empire knight horses for heavy cavalry and Fireforge historical horses for scouts. The difference is noticeable but no more than the difference between a shire horse and a hunter I think.

From left to right
Hero (champion of Kyron), General (Marshal), Mage (Mystic)
Miniatures from Blackchapel Miniatures

Two men at arms with pole arms, one archer
Miniatures from Fireforge Games
Polearms were actually spears, replaced the spearheads with halberd heads, from Fireforge Halberds.
I’m still trying to see what i could use as knights, war machines and Foot guards.
Since Fireforge are still working on other kits I’m going to wait and see what they bring to the table.
In the meantime i get to work on my Basileans, Imperial and Free Dwarves and Brotherhood.


Great stuff.

Have lots of the Fireforge historical stuff but haven’t pick up any of the northern/fantasy range (yet!).

Nice paint job & pics.