Couple Of Vanguard Questions

Hey all. I’m a blind player who recently picked up the PDFs for Vanguard, and I have a couple questions.

Firstly, Power Dice. I’ve managed to find a breakdown of how many symbols are on the various colors, but unfortunately the tech I use to read my PDFs isn’t able to tell me what color each unit should be generating. Is there a common scheme, or are they random?

Secondly, does anyone know if there is a PDF available with all of the equipment cards? Most of them are in the book, but things like Bucklers and the Blade of the Beast Slayer aren’t. I bought a subscription on the army builder hoping that it would list their stats there, but it doesn’t seem to.

Thanks for any help.

Edit: Was able to find the power dice as a text code in Easy Army. You have to add them to a list and it will appear as a letter in your Warband’s table. So that’s done. Still have no idea where I’m going to get the info for this other equipment though.


Hi Fiver!

Yes, in Easy Army you can see which unit generate which dice. Usually commanders generate dice, but there are supports and spellcasters that can also add dice. And then at the start of each Round, you create pool of Power Dice by taking 3 red Power Dice and add any dice your units generate.

Those are from Vanguard Equipment cards, sold separately by Mantic. It contains all the equipment from the main rulebook and some extra items like Bucklers and Blade of Beast Slayer. Unfortunately, any way to get info on those extra items is buying the cards.

Hi Fiver,

Matt from Mantic here. I may be able to make you a PDF of the equipment cards if that would help?


Hey Matt. That would be awesome. Selectable text is easiest for me to work with, but I do have a crude way of extracting text from images that would let me use a photo PDF in a pinch. I’d be more than happy to pay the standard card price for a PDF, just let me know, and thanks a ton for the consideration.