Critical Hits with point blank

I’m a new player and I have some small doubts while reading the rules. Do critical hits damage multiply with point blank?
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This is how my group plays it, I’ve not seen anything to contradict it but I’ll summon @Scarhandpainting who is better than I am just in case. :slight_smile:

In those cases where you have managed a point blank shot you roll to hit, then increase the damage as the rules say. After that you roll for the additional critical damage, as it says on page 26 of the online rulebook

When rolling to hit, any successful die that rolls a natural 10 not only inflicts normal damage as described above, but will also cause a Critical Hit – a devastating event which can have dire consequences for the target.

So you work out the base damage and then you roll for the critical hits separately.

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No, the Critical Hits apply AFTER any multipliers. They apply at the end of the sequence.
They also do not count towards damage being split when shooting at Grappled targets.

From the FAQ:
“Q) Is the damage from rolls on the critical hit table factored into the calculation for the Point Blank and Raking Fire multipliers?
A) No, only the damage from the actual weapons is factored into the calculation.”

Basically: You shoot, you multiply regular damage via Point Blank, Raking Fire or Point Blank Raking Fire. Once this is done, you apply Critical Hits damage.


Point Blank Doubles the Damage if in range, regardless of Raking Fire.
Point Blank combined with Raking Fire has its’ own effect as described below:

“Damage from Bow Rakes
• Add 1 extra Damage for each successful to-hit roll.
• If the attacking ship is firing at Point Blank range,
double the Damage inflicted and then add 1 extra
Damage for each successful to-hit roll.
Damage from Stern Rakes
• Double the Damage inflicted on the target.
• If the attacking ship is firing a Stern Rake at Point
Blank range, treble the Damage inflicted.”

This is how it works depending on one of five potential situations:
Point Blank Shot = damage x2
Point Blank Shot Stern Rake = damage x3
Point Blank Shot Bow Rake = damage x2 +1
Stern Rake = damage x2
Bow Rake = damage +1


oh that’s interesting, we’ve completely missed double damage at point blank. Cheers.