Custom Gaming Mats with markings

I’m looking to get a 6x4 gaming mat marked up with the KoW scenario lines - the centre line, the Dominate Circle, the 6 square grid etc.

I know Mats by Mars do this but their mats are vinyl which isn’t totally ideal and they are US based which means shipping is huge. Factoring all that in, the mat comes in just short of £100.

I’ve also looked at Deepcut - they are based in Lithuania and their mats are pricey from the get go so I imagine a custom won’t be cheap. I’ve emailed them to see if they will do KoW markings for me.

Are there any UK based mat companies that do custom markings?
And of course my other option is just to buy a regular mat and put the markings on myself which I am reluctant to do because:

  1. It would be basically defacing an expensive mat.
  2. It will probably involve Trigonometry or something and that makes me nervous.
  3. For the above reasons I will probably mess it up!

Any ideas from the hive mind on this one? Anyone done this before?


if you want to do it yourself the lines are easy, you get builders chalk line from B&Q. Its string with chalk in it. line it up and pluck it and it will leave a perfect chalk line that is semi permanent on the surface of a mat.
If you need to redo it you can. The circle is harder but a stick of chalk on a 12" line pinned into the middle of the mat and draw around will do it fairly accurately.

I have used in the past to make a custom river for me and they do good work, they also print on a variety of materials and adding lines and circles should be easy enough, not sure what the cost will be but they’ve got to be worth a call.

Let us know how you get on

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Thanks! I will try them!