[CZ] KoW (and VG) in Prague (and Czechia)

We have a group of about 8 active KoW players in Prague, 4 of us play also VG quite regularly. We do not have set times but usually play on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings in Ogri Doupe (sorry, the webpage is in Czech), a local wargaming shop and club. If you happen to be in Prague and want to meet us for a beer or a game, do not hesitate to contact me. We also have some armies to lend you for a game if you do not want to travel with your own one.

In the whole country, there are about 20 players, so our community is small but friendly. :smiley: We also organize weekend tournaments several times a year that are attended usually by 10-14 players (the largest one had 18), few times we also got a player from abroad. It was a pleasure and honor to have Nick Wedd at one of our tournaments in Brno two years ago, the other times there were players from Poland.

In Prague, we try to organize tournaments twice a year but recently we struggled with attendance for several reasons. The largest event in Prague had 12 players but on the last two occasions we hardly reached 6 players. :cry: The next Prague tournament is on November 2-3 this year and currently we have (once again only) 6-7 players intending to participate. In fact, the event is much bigger as it is organized by our gaming shop/club and most participants (about 40-50 in total) will come to play T9A or AoS. If you want to visit Prague and boost our numbers in the KoW section, you are more than welcome. :grinning:


I know Nick absolutely loved your event in Brno and has badgered us all ever since to try and make it over for another one.

Would you be able to let us know roughly when your weekend events are going to be for 2020? The more notice I have the better. Mainly so I can start convincing my wife to let me go!


Glad to hear Nick liked it here. We also met him one more time when he visited Prague as a tourist. :smiley:

The dates of the Prague tournaments (organized by the shop) are fixed some time in February for the whole year. Traditionally, they are in April and October/November but exact date is difficult to predict. It is even worse with the other tournaments (in Brno and Napajedla) as the dates of those are usually fixed 1-3 months before the event. I understand that it makes it really difficult for planning. I may try to convince the organizers in Brno to fix the date as early as possible. Napajedla event is usually best in attendance (and atmosphere) but may be a bit remote place for foreigners (though quite easy to reach from Brno by a train or car).

We have a short tradition of tournaments… Wars of Mantica - The League of the Czech Republic

https://wars-of-mantica.webnode.cz/probehle-turnaje/ (2016)

We wish for few conqueror’s trips for next year… be careful :smiling_imp::smiling_imp: