Dash 28 Article: The Most Improved Armies in Clash of Kings 2022

Check out my Dash 28 article exploring the top three most improved armies in Clash of Kings 2022:

Let me know what you think!


I really appreciated this article, as it’s really helpful to get a feel for the meta ahead of us. Even if I’m not looking to play these three armies, I know I’ll run into them, and knowing how they’ve been improved will help me avoid being surprised at the tabletop when crazy things like Boomer Chariots suddenly having Stealthy (?!) pop up.

So far the most useful COK22 coverage has been the higher level or meta analysis. I don’t play every army and there are a number of factions I only see at tournaments (if at all), so getting a feel for how factions have changed, rather than units or items or spells, is really what I’m after from commentators.


Yesterday I played a goblin army and the army has been improved quite a bit too.

The formation makes fleabags actually useful. TC2, elite, vicious, mawpups and a nice “6-to-hit-is-blast-2-upgrade” makes them far more hitty than one would expect from a light cavalry unit. M10/nimble doesn’t stink either.

The Goany shark upgrade makes a king really dangerous. M10, fly with blast d3 AND tc2 in addition to his own CS1. While the average damage is manageable (5-ish wounds) it’s very swingy. He hit my dragon for 8 yesterday.

The kill-wingit is suddenly a medium flier that can actually project some threat.

These three additions alone makes goblins a far more manouverable army than before. Combined with chaff walls and a lot of cheap support (mincers, bomb trucks, characters) the army has suddenly become more than the obligatory shooting-spam-list.

For my army (I played KoM) the beast cavalry are a nice upgrade too. They are a solid upgrade over knights at 35 points (+1 nerve, +2 attacks, TC1/CS1 instead of CS2 and vicious) which I think usually is a good deal.

I need some more experience playing the monarch. She is a light-dragon who let me down yesterday due to lowish (for a dragon) nerve, but still on a 75x75 base. Though I want her to be succesfull (as I’m painting up a great model for her), yesterday I would have been more succesful with a general on a winged beast.

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