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For some time, I’ve been digging into some Kings of War statistical analysis and logging results, more as a way to organize my thinking than anything else.

Recent posts include coverage of clash of kings Australia as well as various army reviews with a data-focused lens. Though a bit meatier than the rest, I’ve also put out some posts on on unit efficiency via a simulation engine.

If you have a tournament for which you’d like me to parse lists, let me know! Alternatively, if you have data questions about kings of war or ideas you’d like to explore, pass them along and I’ll see what I can do.


It would be interesting to see what you could come up with out of the UK Masters

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Are there game by game results anywhere? If so, I can generate some elo analysis and then also compare lists to the results. Tough to do with just the summary data unfortunately.

Seen some of the round by round updates/leaderboard, but tracking down of social media is messy!

Seeing what i can get hold of off one of the TOs.

Awesome–Thanks. If that’s available anywhere I can parse it and get it in a format to work with.

I’ve given him the forum link or might get info separately.

You’ll probably find that Tom Robinson is broken and needs nerfing buy the RC :grinning:

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If there’s anything like what was available for CoK Australia on the Mantic Companion, this would be easy to do:
Kings of War Tournament Live Results | Mantic Companion (

UK Masters
Kings of War Tournament Live Results | Mantic Companion (

Also with better showing on the deciders
KoWMaster2023-decider-breakdown.png (1192×1155) (

For Lists
KoW Masters - Kings of War UK Organised Play

Scoring System - Herts
5 for a Win, 3 Draw 1 Loss (VP and Kills are NOT included into the TP, but kept clean as deciders)
1st Decider is VP accrued
2nd Decider is Kill accrued

So it is a win above all else system, then on how well you won (VP), then on Kills

Round breakdown


Here you go: a quick post on the UK Masters:

2024 UK Masters Kings of War Analysis: Unveiling Victory Secrets through Skillful List Building or Strategic Play? (

I include list overview/rating as well as the Elo analysis and faction-by-faction crosstabs. I haven’t dug into all this too much, but it’s a least a starting point for the info.

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A quick review of “Tales Of Pannithor: Pride Of The King” – A Gripping Kings of War Fantasy Epic That Transcends Its Tabletop Origins - Data and Dice

Are 4s truly “swingy”?: some analysis


More neat stuff to consider from Data and Dice!

Interesting dynamic getting more bang for your buck by giving items to units with worse values… though I think competitively players are looking to push the unit over the edge, and the more minimal improvement is worth it. Still, I kinda want to run a Militia Legion with an item now, and see what trouble they can get up to.

I remember a FB post sort of lamenting the opposite with shooting? Good shooters (4+ Ra) can shrug off cover penalties while poor shooters (5+ Ra) are suddenly half as effective. Ranged combat is more messy to calculate, but that could be a topic for you in the future, especially since Pot Shot was just updated out of existence.

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I actually have a post in the works on this exact issue. If the goal is to minimize the cost per wound, putting items on cheap units hitting on 5s is the way to go. But the alternative is that the value of a wound isn’t linear–it increases exponentially to a certain point. Eg doing 10 wounds and routing a unit is much more than 2x as valuable as doing 5 wounds, having them get healed up, and staying in combat for four rounds to grind them out. So the points per wound metric people throw around isn’t nearly as important as something like “points per chance of routing.”

Something like a legion of penitents with cs(1) becomes 50% scarier if you throw sharpness on it. Funny concept that I may have to try sometime :joy: