"De Dortsche Krijgsheren", tournament on the 1st of July in Dordrecht, Netherlands

For those who don’t read the Dutch facebook pages:

“De Dortsche Krijgsheren” will be an one-day three game tournament of Kings of War on the 1st of July 2023.
We’ll be hosting this event in the “Energiehuis” cultural building in Dordrecht, the Netherlands for the price of EUR 25.

As all our regular attendees speak dutch -or at least flemish- the tournament pack is in Dutch. (I’ll be posting a link here shortly) If you’d like to attend, but would like an English translation, we’ll be happy to help you out. Just send us a message at dortschekrijgsheren@gmail.com

We have a maximum number of players of 30 (due to space in the Venue), so it’s already possible to register at the above email-adress.



The link to the tournament pack

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A short headsup:

Even though it’s in the middle of holliday season, we have enough players. We’re very happy and looking forward to the 1st of July.

Furthermore, Michael from ccgwinkel.nl will be there, so if you have any Mantic-related orders, he can bring them to the Tournament.

The Tournament is on! We have enough players for it to be viable. There’s spots left too, so you can still join!

Moreover, the current Dutch Champion Theo will be there trying out his salamander list which he plans to take to Clash of Kings 23, so if you want to play him, be there!

Thanks for all participants. In particular the current Dutch Champion, Theo, who not only managed to grab the most beautiful army, but also ended 1st in battle points with a surprising alpha strike trident army. Congrats!

For all others, here’s a number of pictures from the armies present.