Deadzone - Underdog Dice

The new Deadzone rules make mention of something called ‘underdog dice’ for campaign games, which gives the underdog player access to some dice they may spend on any shoot, fight, survive dice test during their game. Seems a nice ‘catch up’ mechanism.

But I don’t see any mention of how you actually get underdog dice. Did I completely miss this? Could someone point me to the right spot in the 3.0 rules where this is explained?



pg 81 Before your game third paragraph

Next, the players add up and compare their Strike Teams ranks. A Strike Team’s overall rank is the sum of all the ranks the models in the team have reached between them. The difference in Overall Ranks determines the number of Underdog Dice that are awarded to the player with the lower total.

Hope that clears it up for you

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It’s as simple as that, eh? If my Rank is 5, and my opponent’s is 8, then I get 3 dice?

That’s pretty easy. (Armada is different, so I was obviously thinking too much on this one)


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exactly, you have to remember that the game is aimed at Rob so they had to keep it super simple :wink: