Deployment with War Machines

Hey guys, do you have any tips / advice / strategies for deploying your units when taking multiple war machines? Do you group war machines together, or spread them out?

I really shot myself in the foot during my last game as my tall AD units like LOGS and grots blocked LOS to most of the enemy units. Patchy Terrain and even my height 2 units also blocked LOS at times as the enemy units were mostly height 2.

Appreciate any thoughts!

Depends which war machines and terrain/armies

Organ guns I’d clump together and use it as area denial - you don’t want to walk down facing a couple if those and you can keep a counter unit to protect them.

Generally, mortars/catapults etc stick down as late as possible and set it up so any of your infantry is in front (so you can shoot the bigger stuff). Spread them out so it will take a few turns for a single flyer/individual to take them out.

If you are lucky though to have nice firing lines, dump them all down and let opponent worry about deploying opposite.

Things not to do - stick your case/tray in the middle of the table while deploying stuff, then realise its been sat on blocking terrain, which all your shooting is now behind