Doing upgrades modelwise

I’m puzzled by Mantics distribution. I want that nice Paladin Defender upgrade for the Basilean Paladin Foot Guards, but the rules state “(Regiment only)”. They are not sold seperately, so the only way to get 20 minis is to buy 2 Mega Armys (for 260 €) just to get the models. Are they serious or are the models ment to be mixed with regular Paladin Foot Guards (which ARE sold seperately)?

Even more extreme is the upgrade of spearmen to veteran spearmen (horde). Can anybody clarify how these upgrades are ment to be done modelwise?

Mantic’s got some more weird model distributions (gur panther models only available through Vanguard boosters, for instance) but I believe this to be a production limitation thing.

If this is not the case, you might want to contact Mantic directly. If anything, they are a forthcoming bunch and will at least tell you directly why it isn’t possible, so you’re not dependant on hearsay from this forum. :slight_smile:

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Two-fold issue really, one to do with how mantic have produced models, and the second about the list/army building.

The first depends on how the models in question were produced - hard plastic kit (like the men at arms), dedicated PVC kit (paladins with 2hw or the sisters) or individual PVC models (paladin defenders, sister scouts, panthers) - the last of these were made for Vanguard and the mega army simply includes a number of sets.

From comments made by people in the know from mantic about other models in a similar situation (huscarls from the NA range), there is no plan to release these as separate unit sets.

The second issue is that not all the units (or indeed armies) have mantic models, so the lists can’t be restricted simply to what is available. 3rd party models or conversions are often the only way to get the units you need.

There technically isn’t any difference, model-wise, between regular paladins and the paladin defenders (or the spearmen with/without veteran command).

The mega army (or trading etc) is the only way to get lots of multiples, but you could represent the paladin defender upgrade with just a couple if models for example, or add a couple of the command models to the men at arms to show the veteran upgrade.


Thanks, that makes perfect sense.

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You don’t have to represent everything with only Mantic models.

Kings of War is “your hobby your way” and more old school than other companies that make games and models together. You are allowed to get creative and don’t have to put product with exact name as unit in army list on the table always. Just make sure that your units give a rough idea of what they can do by looking at them and have different units look different.

The upgrades could be a whole unit of nicer models; but could also be a better equipped front rank, an impressive leader model, a different colour uniforms or a special banner.
I would probably make detachable banners (possibly with a magnet) to differentiate units with the upgrades from units without.


I’ve done what was suggested above. The Vanguard models are a nice lifter for the older Mantic stuff, stop the units looking samey.
If Mantic ever do in person events again, try and attend. They usually give out a goody bag as well as a great day of gaming and often give away Vanguard starter sets willy nilly! Thats how I got my Gur Panther unit together without buying Mega armies!

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I agree with this, I was super enthused about starting a nightstalker army but buying armies or mega armies while not intending to use all the models feels bad. As for using other mini companies I’m not against that at all but I’d rather spend my money with the company that produces the game I want to play and help keep them healthy and expanding into the future.

My solution is that I’m slow growing nightstalkers by buying bits here and there and re-purposing my remaining WFB army (the rest got sold in a huff during the end times), woodelves as an elf army. I also picked up an Ogre mega army and characters because that seems a very usable, cost effective army box, low model count and easily painted; that will get me and my son into the action while i slow grow other armies.

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