Dozens December! - painting topic

Welcome everyone!

This topic is the continuation from series started in April this year. I have been updating the first one every month with a new name and to continue mutual inspiration and support.

I was very happy to see people contributing regularly and thanks to that the topic grew in size. Unfortunately, because of that it was a bit unwieldy if you wanted to check prior contributions.

It was suggested to start a new topic every 3 months to make it easier to browse. So here we go! A new topic for October that is going to be updated for November and December along the way!

I am already looking forward to seeing even more fantastic contributions! Please share what you are currently painting or have just finished painting. The purpose is to keep supporting each other and help with any painting project!



Nice new title! … and it reflects what i’m thinking so well too! … omg October already and I’m still not done with that Stormwind Regiment :laughing:


i’ll have to be cooling my jets for the first half of October, waiting for my new Mantic goblins to arrive… at least in theory anyway, but i’m sure i’ll find something to keep me getting too bored

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A troop of Tundra Wolves


ooooooooooh they look really nic. I’ve never seen them up close. Didn’t realise they had the same detail as the trolls… . Mantics website doesnt do them justce, i’ll have to buy some now…

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Hey gang, new poster here, having played my first game of Kings of War this summer!
I’ve recently started repurposing my old Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elves into a Sylvan Kin list.
So far I’ve finished my Silverbreeze regiment and Elrik Nisleen. Hoping to finish the Wiltfather and Hunters of the Wild this month.


Hey Warmongers new here .This is my first dwarf horde,sorry for the pictures I ll get some better ones soon.!


So for October, the plan is the last unit & hero for the dark age Varangur (plus gratuitous army pics!), a random orc character (for a Middlehammer painting tribute event) and the start of a proper halfling army (Wargames Atlantic & TTCombat stuff). Then its clearing the decks for Armada!

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A Goblin Sacred grove terrain piece… work in progress


“Hold the Bridge!” Diarama movement tray base for a horde of Axe orcs

The bridge is from a fish tank shop, but was aweful as terrain peice as models always slip off its steep sides, but glued into place…no problem

i could put an additional base under the whole thing with an extra few orcs to upgrade the unit to an Orc legion of Ax


With the extension for a legion of Axe, now finished

With a legion of ax babysitting that bridge, your opponent might want to consider swimming the river in full platemail


It’s been a while, but I finished my warcry warband.

They were meant to be ogre palace guard, but a friend asked to to try out warcry. Until I decide if I want to play a) the game and b) stormcasts, they remain on rounds. If either question will be answered with “no” I’ll transfer them to a multibase.

Other than that, there’s only some WIP projects. Full story here.


They look great, especially the water being churned up as they march through it!

You could also make a base with holes in it for the circular bases, like the old War of the Ring GW bases…

It’s quite easy to do yourself, you grab a piece of MDF, draw out where you want your troops, and then you drill a small hole, and saw out the size of the base with a jigsaw (figuurzaag in Dutch). Or if you have fancy large-hole drills, you can do that in one go.

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Many thanks @Telchar. i used clear mastik for the water, to bring out the texture of the current using an old throwaway brush . it’s a bit fumey while it dries, but leaves great ripples and currents. it was almost a shame to put the models on it as it looks great as a terrain piece, but in reality individual models slide off the road… even with the course wet and dry sandpaper for tarmac and added traction

First horde of Gnoll Guardian Brutes done.


First gratuitous Armada wip pic! You can’t have any game potentially involving pirates without a ‘skull island’ or two.


I managed to finish a shamblers regiment recently. The central model is removable, so I can play the unit in two versions, either with a bow of Kaba or without it.


@ AlQuds nice models, i like the with bow or without option also

Some more Dungeon Saga Heroes, with the Barb und the Dwarf the party is now complete :slight_smile: