Dreadball xtreme and other dreadball editions

Not sure where else to ask, but what’s the difference between the various dreadballs? What order are the editions? Ive seen dreadball extreme for a tenner and thought it may be worth a bash, but is it really old now?

I believe there are two editions of Dreadball, but Dreadball Extreme is actually stand alone game from 1st edition.

Main difference is that in Dreadball focus is on players, teams are fix, coach is you and in lore is official game with offical rules and teams.

In Dreadball Extreme players are expendable, focus on Sponsors (Coaches) as they give special rules for team, you can mix players from every team and in lore is underground game with no rules, with explosives and mayhem.


Cool, thanks! Might be worth a try given the price point!

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it’s definitely worth it if you’re getting it cheap, best part is all of the minis in Dreadball Xtreme can be used in Dreadball as well, so if you like the game then you can port your teams into 2nd edition

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No problem! Miniatures alone are worth tenner, even if you never play the game =)

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