Dungeon Saga Origins

Are they really doing the exact same game again? Same enemies? Weird choice.

Ruleswise, they said they would make it a game you can play with kids. Let’s hope they don’t forget that there are children out there who are no englisch-speakers!

I really like DS, but I’m a bit skeptic about this one.

twilight kin weren’t in the original

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True, but they seem to be in an expansion.

Kickstarter is live!

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Isolated TK renders:


I backed, it’s looking good. The old undead minis will work nicely as alternate sculpts for the new ones, and the expansions are entirely new content.

Gameplay looks like it has been cleaned up a lot and the game looks to be a lot easier to set up and tear down.


I agree. My only concern is, that the goal for the german translation won’t be reached. Since I want to play the game with my sons, it’ll be useless in english to me.

The Twilight Kin look cool.

I especially like the half transformed summoner crone.
I wonder if it’s a sude effect of the summoning or if it represents casting host shadow beast.

The zombie trolls and undead dwarfs stand out for me too.


It’s going well, probably on track for most translations to be funded.

I’m surprised that the requirements are so high in the age of AI-assisted auto translate. It’s at the point where I can buy a japanese book, point my phone camera at it and it voice outputs to near-perfect English.

There has to be a way to do it in digital or app form at least, even if the print costs are too high.

Digital translation is no option for me. I need the cards and everything in German, so the kids can read it.
AI translation work fine for English, but if you let it translate something into German it’s mostly bad. Not wrong (for the most part), but wonky and weird. (Most languages have more challenging grammar than English! :wink:) So I guess getting it translated professionally is the only viable option.

New update has the miniature packs as add-ons https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/manticgames/dungeon-saga-origins-your-adventures-start-here/posts/3774219

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French translation is unlocked, German seems to be unlocked too. Probably with the next update. Seems like I’ll be able to play Dungeon Saga with my sons!