Dungeon Saga - Valendor and Ba'el stat cards

HI everyone,

I have misplaced my stat cards for Valendor and Ba’el. My kids are on the last mission for the regular game and we have everything for the “return of Valendor” (sp?!) expansion. Trouble is I have misplaced the stats cards. They are in my house somewhere but I cannot find them for the life of me! I have all the stat cards for every other expansion in the kickstarter box, but not those two, though I have seen them at some point! Would anyone be able to message me a picture of their cards? Hopefully mine turn up before we play as that would be much easier, but in case not, a digital copy would be grand.


I might have them somewhere, as I remember buying the return of valandor boxed set once. It should be somewhere in storage.

If no one comes to you within a week or so, I will look them up.

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Great, thanks! I’ll also let you know if mine turn up!

Thanks for the assistance with this but happily Mantic customer service is as awesome as ever and has supplied me with digital versions of the cards :smile:

I’m still miffed I can’t find my physical ones - I must have a pixie/gnome infestation and they have stolen them! :laughing:

Nonetheless, thanks for the offer even if I didn’t need it in the end.


Great and thanks! Otherwise, I would have looked them up this weekend!

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