Dwarf Battle Driller base size

What size base should a Dwarf Battle Driller have? It’s a Monster Cav. Cav seem to be 25x50. Monsters are 50x50.

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that’s correct, it’s a dwarf pushing a drill like a lawnmower so it fits on a cav base going forward


In this case it’s a monster in terms of unlocking and on a Cav base.


Thanks for the advice. I do have them mounted on 25x50 as per Mantic pics. It just didn’t seem to fit the definition in the rulebook.

"A Monster is a unit of a single model – a large and powerful mythical beast or magical construct.

Monster models normally have 50mm square bases. Some Monsters may be labeled as Mon (Cht), in which case they have a 50x100mm chariot base. Other rare exceptions may be noted in the unit profile."

The battle driller is one of the rare exceptions mentioned in the last line of the above rules - so Mon(Cav) means it is a Monster for rules purposes on a cavalry sized base.

As it is a Monster is can use the Exceptional Base Size rule and be bigger if you need to


Thanks all. I had this response from Mantic rules writers,

“I can confirm it should be 25x50mm bases (Cavalry).
Whenever there is a unique unit entry with 2 descriptions, such as Monster (Cav), whatever is in the brackets lets you know the base size. “