Dwarf Captain Upgrade Gruffyd Egilax

Hi, I don’t understand how does Gruffydd Egilax Captain Upgrade work. It states: “RuneAxe Class ships only…Replace the ship’s broadside weapon profiles with 1C. The RuneAxe carrying Gruffydd has a base CS of 8 and Nerve of 36”. Does it mean that a single ship exchanges all broadside weapons to a single 1C or every single broadside weapon to 1C (do that it has 3C on each side)? Exchanging ALL broadside weapons to a single 1C wouldn’t be much of an upgrade for 5 points…

Swap out all the broadside weapons it has - so the ship now has a broadside of 1c.

The combat buff (coupled with veteran crew and brew of strength) turns it into a bit of a brute!

Hmm, thanks :slight_smile: But it loses all its firepower, I hoped receives a BOMBBOAT outfit :wink: RuneAxe seems pretty poor and expensive, maybe I just don’t know how to use I yet.

If you are boarding things and unleashing a mass of hairy berserkers, you don’t need to shoot stuff :wink:

Well, RuneAxe seems underpowered anyway, so this boarding version indeed seems a bit better :slight_smile: