Dwarf names

Does anyone have any insight into how the names of Dwarfs in Pannithor are come up with?

I vaguely recall that they’re Welsh, but don’t recall who said that.

Yeah, Matt Gilbert had previously stated that they were basically made up(!), but were vaguely Welsh.

One of the mantic novel writers, Ben Stoddart said:

“In the stories I’ve worked on, I’ve tried to develop the language at least somewhat as I’m a language nerd on the side and it love the ways a culture expresses itself through its language.

My naming conventions have always been based on a mixture of what real world cultures the races most closely resemble mixed with the phonetics of what that race’s aesthetic is based on the models.

For the dwarfs I have been looking up a lot of Welsh naming conventions and have incorporated welsh poetic conventions, rhyme schemes and meter into the poetry and music that I’ve put into the dwarf story. So there is some thought put into the naming conventions.”

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That’s what I was thinking of, well done for finding it and thank you for quoting it.

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if it helps anyone, you can set this name generator to welsh and generate real world names, and look up the meanings. then you can just do creative respellings.

also worth noting that welsh was influenced by celtic, so the ancient celtic names and the celtic mythology names would be useful settings as well.

and Breton has some of the same influences name wise (native britons+anglo-romans) so could add even more variety.

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