Dwarfs: king on large beast model?

What do you use for the king on large beast?

I’ve become tempted by what ogre and night-stalker scoring but not monster heroes have done for me.
Plus it’s seems like something I can use a cool models for, but which one?
I would love a dwarf mounted on a something mechanical if there is one somewhere.

Extra points if you have something that isn’t the usual Scribor or Atlantis sculpt (which one is your favourite though?) or matches the Mantic dwarf look.

Speculation on Mantic making one us welcome too.

I’ve been using the Reaper Bones Ursula, Dwarven Bear Rider model, which fits the look (with a weapon swap, which is easy) and hits the price mark really well. You can go with the metal version (early bones models have some issues with detail…), but it’s a bit more pricey. There’s also a not-as-pricey middle ground with Thorvald, Dwarf Bear Rider, which looks right, but bear in mind I haven’t seen it up close… :grinning:

My plan is to go all-Mantic with the new edition, so unless we see a King-on-a-Large-Beast model I may end up spending a day with some Tundra Wolves, green stuff, and this guy.

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Those are good ideas.
I’ve been thinking of putting that king on a beast too!
All Mantic would be ace. If they release the dwarf on the diorama or similar I’m in!

I did this


I use scibor miniature dwarf general on warbear. Their dwarf stuff is top notch.https://www.sciborminiatures.com/en_,shop.php?group=139

Northern Alliance direfang? Thats perfect!

Bingo, was thinking direfang. It’s like a really gnarly brock :sweat_smile:


That is glorious.

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Yea, heck with the tundra wolves, I might go get this guy… Did you modify the Brock Rider saddle at all?

Yeah, had to build the back of the saddle up or the rider ends up staring at the sky!

Covered the gaps with a couple of shields and a skirt using a greenstiufworld chainmail maker.