Earth Elementals


Nice! I really like these minis with some vegetation on them. I plan on doing something similar with mine to help them gel with my forest shamblers.

Could you add a touch to the eyes? Either darker more brooding recesses or gems/glow?

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These are great! Are they custom built, or minis?

Going to try and do mine like mini ones of this:


Well now I feel stupid. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the mantic normal elementals, only the greater ones!

Ha, I was a bit surprised!

every time i see earth elementals, i remember the bit from Galaxy Quest:

“Kill it”? Well, I’m open to any suggestions!
“Go for the eyes”
It doesn’t have any eyes
“Well, then go for the throat or something, its vulnerable spots!”
"It’s a rock. It doesn’t have any vulnerable spots! "


Picked up this guy for my Greater Earth Elemental:

I think he’s close to being too big. Though he’s a titan and smaller than a giant I reckon.

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