Easy Army list builder

Hey, does anybody know when Easy Army will have the 3ed lists?

Do you know of any other army list builders?


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Probably not for some time being. I don’t think Mantic will allow easyarmy (or others) to put the new army lists online so soon after the release. - and rightly so-

My guess would be about 3 months after the release of uncharted empires at the earliest.
We’ll just have to work it old-fashioned. I made an Excel-based spreadsheet for my undead army and it works.

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Ah yeah, good point.

That’s a good idea! I seem to recall the unit costs pretty easily…it’s the unlocking of things that aren’t so easy for me.

Thanks though!

There are a couple of apps (including battlescribe) that will show points and US but nothing else coming soon.

EasyArmy will have everything but will not be out until at least January. Gregg is building it now but it still needs a lot of testing and work.


Ah nice one, thanks @mattjgilbert

Thanks for posting, mattjgilbert. Do you know if Battlescribe will be able to tell me if my list is legal in regard to unlocks?

I’ve allowed them some basic list building which I think included unlocks.

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Thanks, matt!

I like using Excel more than Easy Army. It takes a little more work, but it helps you understand your army better.

Last I saw from Gregg is that it’s almost done, just being tested and such


Yep, should be coming soon.


Hopefully Easy Army is updated this month. I would like to go Adepticon and not have to read a bunch of hand written lists.

Should be within the next few days :smiley: