EasyArmy 3rd Ed?

Anyone know when Easy Army will put out an updated 3rd ed page? I know its not required or anything, and honestly we’ve been spoiled a little by having it (so amazing!) but it is a lot easier to make lists than doing it in excel.

IIRC, its generally about a month after release, to help sell the book more, right?

no idea. given that the nature of Unlocks has changed it’ll probably be later rather than sooner, since they’ll have to redo some of the coding. personally i hope that when they do, they’ll add an unlocks counter so we know when we’re running out of them, rather than finding out only when we exceed the limit.


Someone from my local community told me it will be updated after the Uncharted Empires book is released so they can do it all in one.
Make sense, but I have no source or any offical confirmation. Just take it as a rumor.

I do love the Easyarmy tool, makes life a lot easier. Also kuddo’s for Mantic supporting it.
That said, I fully understand if I have to wait for some time to use it. I mean, the ink on the book is scarcely dry.

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