Edzig's Free Dwarfs

I’m aiming to get a Free Dwarf army on the table in the course of this year. It’ll be mainly GW figures. Dwarfs were my first fantasy army and I can’t bring myself to part with them. I’ll post pictures as I slowly get round to multibasing them. There will be some Brocks, Mastiffs and Rocks too (well, one big rock anyhow) and these will mainly be Mantic. For my first post and model here is Craggoth.


lovely look, are you using colour shift paints on the gems?


Looking good! The basing in particular is quite nice. :slight_smile:


I love the gems and the glowy eyes.

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I’m just base coating blue, painting the edges white and then putting on a layer of Tamiya blue glaze. I didn’t think it enough for the ones on the top of the back. The ones on the arms are more the effect I was after.


ooh very nice, I could see a purplish tint on the largest crystals and thought it was doing some two tone shifting