Elf fleet rules

I have bought the elf booster pack (what i could afford for now) but lack the full elf fleet rules. So their complete rules come in the elf fleet starter fleet?

Hi, the elf starter does come with 2 cards of their fleet rules, and 3 cards of the available upgrades specific to elves, along with the ship cards from the box. Also, if you are using the magic expansion, they also have a small bag included with their spell list to use along with the magic deck.

Sometimes the mantic site does free downloads for their game rules like they did it for KoW v3, send them an email asking about the fleet rules they might be able to help you out with that.

If you use easy army, once you’ve selected the ships you want in your fleet and upgrades when you click vie, it includes all the rules at the bottom for the upgrades selected and all the fleet rules for the specific ships selected. Its like £1.50 a month for the subscription but you could do it for just the one month if you didn’t think you would use the builder regularly. The only thing it doesn’t include is what the unique spell is and their spell list but as you’re just starting the fleet that can probably wait anyway