Elf palace guard standard

So the palace guard standard comes in two metal pieces that I could see getting broken the moment I finished painting it and frustrating the crud out of me so… changes made. I cut the head piece off first. I then cut the ax off of a pair of hands drilled out the hands with a 1/16inch drill bit. I put 16 gauge wire through the hands (slightly smaller than 1/16 inch but you use what ya got and do the best ya can) drilled through the head piece and put it on the end of the wire. I added a little plastic bead to give it a bit more strength and there we have it. I worries the bead would be too big but I think it turned out okay.


That’s the way! I use my drill a LOT.

Mh … did it really come in two pieces? Been so long that I built and painted my Palace Guard Standard Bearer that I don’t remember - but I can’t recall having to do anything too difficult and it’s not fallen apart since and survived the tournament as well :wink:

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You must have gotten the cast titanium minis,hehehe. My experience with pewter staves and pewter minis in general is that they fall over and shatter. I was never good at pinning minis lol

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Great stuff would definitely do the same!