Elves @2000 pts

Hello everyone,

with the new book in hand I have thousands of thoughts of different army builds for all of my armies but I wanna start with my elves.

Elves have changed a lot with the new book and before I post the list I wanna analyse whats in my opinion most remarkable about the changes:

  • Elves got siginifcantly worse at shooting (Ra 5+ for Archers, no heart seeking chant, Dragon Breath and diadem of dragon kind a bit worse, chariots less shooty, no bane chant on shooters)
  • Drakons lost their Nimble
  • Forest Warden gone


  • Palace Guard Hordes (yeah, they may seem expensive and have only def4, but a good offensive and a very high nerve. They seem to come along without support and can stand for themselves)
  • Tree Herder a bit better (more attacks, Strider, Radiance of Life)
  • some other minor changes/new units
  • Infantery hordes seem in Edition 3 a bit better in general (more mobile, less shooting to shoot them down, good unit strength

With these things in mind I built a “village idiot” mass elite infantery army (with a bit support)

Elves: 2000 Points

Palace Guard Horde 265
Palace Guard Horde 265
Palace Guard Horde 265
Kindred Tallspears Horde, Hammer of Measured Force 250

Stormwind Cav Regiment 215

Army Standard, Lute of Insatiable Darkness 85
Elven King on Horse, The Shardblade, Blade of the Beast Slayer 170
Elven Kind on Horse 135
Dragon Kindred Lord, Brew of Sharpness 350


4 Hordes move forward, the Kings are Supporters, hunt Shooters, give inspiring and are luxury chaff, dragon and Cav supports. I guess 2 of the 4 Hordes will die sooner or later, but with a nerve of 22/24 I hope they stay long enough to deal a lot of damage.

What do you think about this rather simple built. Do you think the hordes will die to soon? (I think with a reduced shooting in 3rd Edition and their high nerve they will survive a while.
Looking forward to your comments.

Best regards,


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Welcome to the forum!

It may take some time to see how the 3ed will work and what units will be considered good and for what reasons. Just to comment on your “horde approach” I feel you may miss some give away chaff units. Actually, I believe that the 3ed changes do not make better only the hordes but cheap troop units as well. As the shooting is less prominent in 3ed it should be much harder to kill cheap weak units at distance. Thus, some troops with high number of attacks (with regiments of the same type having less than twice the number of attacks) or any chaff units should profit from “reduced ranged threat”.

Hi Turgon,

Welcome and I do like your train of thought.

The “flood the field with hordes” seems -at least on paper- a good way to ensure local superiority. I tried this with Kingdoms of Men somewhere in 2018. (more info here)

I learned that -while hordes an sich are great- multiple hordes have trouble supporting each other due to large footprints. (Maybe a little better in 3rd due to the longer charge ranges) . Hordes do need something to support them, both cheap chaff units or hitty regiments/monsters to ensure you will delete opposition in one go.

So in your army I would switch out one of the hordes for two regiments of palace guard and/or the drakon rider hero. I’m not sure if the dragon lord needs the +1 to hit, maybe the points are better spent elsewhere.

good luck and keep us informed!