Elves of different ranges

I have tried to find this already with little luck using my limited skills of internet browsing. Can someone post side by sides of whfb high elves, gw lotr elves, and mantic elves? Looking for height differences mostly. I have heard whfb elves are taller/thicker than the others but I have yet to see the three ranges next to each other

Sadly, I don’t have any elves anymore. However, I have owned plenty from all these lines of models.

The LOTR elves will be smaller, I actually would recommend not getting them. The Mantic models are actually pretty nice (better than they look on the box). My favorite memories are from my WHFB HE army years ago, I love those models.

Over all, Mantic models will be slimmer and taller while your GW models will be more exaggerated and more dense.

If you don’t mind a suggestion, I really like the Oathmark line. Check out their elf infantry. They’re closer to GW’s HE than Mantic’s elves.



oathmark is a good one. especially since you can get some pretty good variety by including their Human figures and just your spare adding elf heads (the parts are compatible), and you can also mix in the frostgrave adventurers and wizards sets for extra customization.
there are full armored and unarmed (ranger type) figures currently for elves, while humans have infantry and cavalry kits. i know that a lot of non-GW LOTR players like to mix and match those to make 1st and 2nd age elves.

I agree with @rotfoot_bile and @MithrilCoyote about the oathmark elves. The only thing missing is cavalry, which can be easily rectified by buying their human cav and replacing the riders at the waste with some elf infantry. If I had to do it again I’d pick that range.

After some light googling (elves size comparison, 4th image).

I know the LotR elves have a slight size discrepancy within the range.


Thanks friends for the replies. The last picture is very helpful as well. I have been eyeing mantic elves for a while but was concerned about their comparison to what I already have. I think I’ll give a few a shot though.

The oathmark elves kitbash nicely with the fireforge templar range - both the cavalry and infantry - giving you plenty of mounted options and heavier looking foot troops.


Oathmark Elf cavalry are in the works, so far we have seen this piece of artwork.

My Elf force is mainly Oathmark Elves, the kits are fantastic, and also great value for money.


Second that Stonehorse. Top quality miniatures.

I’ve been looking at the oathmark elves and I do like the infantry. I think I’d have to replace those rather plain spearheads, but that’s a small thing.