Elves shield decals

Does anyone know of shield decals for Sylvan Kin, fitting the Mantic Elves shields? I’m not much of a freehand painter :wink:

what sort of designs are you thinking about, heraldry or shapes and symbols?

I think LitteBigMan and Warflag both do some generic transfer sets that may have something. Also perhaps check GW

It doesn’t matter really, just something nice and fitting. I don’t want to go for full heraldry, because I don’t think it suits Sylvan Kin.

Little Big Men, stopped making the transfers for mantic, sadly. Warflag is nice, but it doesn’t fit the wood elf theme.

tricky, I would suggest maybe doing your own. Failing that pictish transfers may be the way to go, swirls and designs would be fitting.
If you want to try doing your own http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/143757-ye-olde-decal-project/?p=1665629
is a fantastic resource

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You could try contacting Mantic. I was after the Orc shield transfers and they had a load still sitting around.


Actually I just found 27 sheets of these old Mantic elf stickers! If they are any good to you, you can have as many as you like.

12 shield stickers and a banner on each.



Thanks, I have 4 of those, I like the design but since they are (better: were) stickers, they are a bit tricky to apply. But it works, I made a test model. I’ll pm you for postage and payment.

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Thanks to @Darklord I got plenty of elven decals and this thread can be closed!
Thanks again!


Make sure you post them up when you’ve finished! :slight_smile:


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