Empire of Dust - Enslaved Guardians

Following on from my ghost goblins, the next army will bro Empire of Dust. I had a bunch of AoS minis and decided to use them as ‘metallic construct’ Enslaved Guardians. Here’s the first set. No bases yet…


Thanks for putting these miniatures to good use. :smile:

Metallic constructs are an interesting idea, I`m looking forward to see how the overall look of the army will be.

That’s a great use for those models! I am definitely going to borrow your idea since the FLGS has an overstock of discounted, used Sigmarines. Gives me an excuse to use my flaming skulls from GSW.

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Next up is a “bone” dragon. I’m using the Wyrmgear mechanical dragon from Reaper. Same colour scheme as the guardians.