Empire of Dust Heavy Hitters discussion

I’m working on an Empire of Dust list (skeleton spearmen horde, revenant horde, 2 enslaved guardian hordes, 2 mummies troops, 2 scavenger regiments, monolith, soul snare, 2 balefire catapults, back line Pharaoh, cursed high priest), and I’m running into some interesting decisions on the ‘heavy hitter’ monsters/heroes to help back it up. I keep going back tot he Bone Giant, since it seems like a good baseline to everything else.

Bone Giant
Pros: good defense, good speed, good nerve, okay-to-good attacks, great CS. Cons: not very maneuverable.

Reanimated Behemoth
Pros: DE 6 and no attack randomness. Con: worse Sp, CS, and Nerve, LESS maneuverable, HUGE flanks.

Undead Wyrm
Pros: GREAT speed, more maneuverable (nimble, fly), Cons: more expensive and less durable, plus still shambling.

Revenant on Undead Great Burrowing Wyrm
Pros: maximized Att, add-on ranged attack, and no shambling = more maneuverable on it’s own, Cons: more expensive for basically the same thing but always rolling 6s on # of attacks and no shambling.

Revenant King on Undead Great Flying Wyrm
Pros: SUPER maneuverable (fly, SP 10, nimble, no shambling), Inspiring, can have Surge and a ranged attack, Cons: SUPER expensive, and it doesn’t seem quite worth the points for all that.

I know the choice depends mainly on what I want to use it for, so I’ll break it down:
—Front Line Hitter: Bone Giant, Reanimated Behemoth, Revenant on Undead Burrowing Wyrm
—Outflanking Support: Bone Giant, Undead Wyrm, Revenant on Undead Burrowing Wyrm, Revenant King on Undead Flying Wyrm
—Backline Shenanigans: Revenant on Undead Burrowing Wyrm, Revenant King on Undead Flying Wyrm (Maaaaybe Undead Wyrm, but for the points it seems like a Flying Pharaoh is just better at it)

I’m leaning on the Revenant on Undead Burrowing Wyrm just for the sheer utility, but I’m not sure. I kinda want to know what other Empire of Dust players use, and how they do it, so any advice or commentary would be appreciated.

Good day kind sir.

I do not play EoD, but played quite a bit of undead before starting up my Trident Realms.

Just want to make a point about the Undead Wyrm. You listed the fact that he is shambling as a con, and I think that is a mistake.

The undead Wyrm plays a different role to the Burrowing and Great Flying Wyrm. I won’t go into too much detail about those 2, since they play essentially the same as any other big flying beasty, but the Undead Wyrm is different… it has Shambling, and that is magical.

Lets first consider why some people see shambling on the Wyrm as negative: You can’t double pace. This limits the standard shenanigans of other flying beasties of flying over enemy units and then being a nuisance. But the wyrm plays differently.

Lets first consider the Wyrm’s greatest strength: His maneuverability. That baby is Speed 10, Nimble, can fly over things AND can be surged! The level of non-linear threats is insane to tract. The only down side is his base size. Remember, that unless your opponent has phalanx/ensnare, he will keep his nimble when damaged.

There are so many ways to use this. One easy way is to keep him on a flank, hold him back from your main battle line, and simply threaten those flanks or enemy cav, you still charge 20"

He is not a mainline tank, like a giant or such, but I suggest give him a go, the threat vectors it has, along with its crazy damage is well worth it!