Empire of Dust / Start Collecting Skeleton Hordes

So I have enough store credit to pick up the Army set for Empire of Dust. Also, have a Start Collecting Skeleton Hordes from GW. Having still not played much… is there any crossover there between the Arkhan model, riders, or skeletons for an EOD army? Not specifically for modeling or painting… but for gameplay, do people use GW Undead models for Empire of Dust in any way? Ant direct crossover for Arkhan or the skeleton riders? Browsing the site, doesn’t look like it :weary:


Good morning and merry christmas :blush:

Happy to hear somebody new is diving into EoD!
Actually, I think the GW box is excellent for cross over, unfortunately I myself missed it and now its out of production I think. Anyway, my thoughts on what you could do with it:

Skeletons —> Skeleton Warriors/Spearmen
Riders —> Troop of revenant cavalery (very good chaff with a punch) OR use some as characters like a revenant champion on horse with surge which are cheap, versatile and durabel, great support choice
Arkahn —> Could be actually a lot of hero/titan choices; revenant king on undead great flying wyrm, revenant king on burrowing wyrm (with a stretch), undead wyrm or the living legen apaphys champion of death

So I think you got a perfect match, congratulations on this great kit :hugs:


It should, Empire of Dust originated to give Warhammer refugees with Tomb Kings a way to use their armies in KoW.

Mantic don’t make models for all the profiles in their army lists, so check out EasyArmy.com (Mantic endorsed online army builder) rather than browsing the Mantic site.

It is perfectly acceptable to use models from any manufacturer if they look the part.

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Perfect! Guess I should have thought to check the army lists, but good to hear the skeletons from GW are commonly used for EOD!