Empire of the Dust models from Mantic?

So many EoD models still not made yet by Mantic. I wonder what the plans are? New armies being created without filling in existing ones. Yes, EoD was modelled after that G-Dub army- but Mantic makes some models for it. But a mostly incomplete range.

What in particular?

Chariots are an obvious option (hope they simply don’t repack orc/elf ones with undead horses).

Monsters etc can’t really see them doing for a while tbo.

Might get stuff if/when they expand vanguard

Then why even start producing 1/3 of an army? Many Tomb king models are hard to get or expensive.
Just wondering out loud what Mantics plan is.
Maybe the 3rd preview will reveal…

Even before bringing in all of the warhammer armies into the game (with the add on book) they never had a ‘you must use our stuff’ vibe - which is sort of continuing.

The EoD skeletons are, simply, a result of how the regular plastic ones were done (‘oh, we can make a different top half’). They are nice but a bitch to put together.

With EoD getting into the main rulebook’s armies, they may be getting some additional models eventually. they seem to be stacking the main rulebook with the armies that have current model support and it would make sense that they would focus on those for new material. with EoD being one of the poorly filled out examples from those, they’d be a natural focus for the company. probably after the Northern Alliance and Abyssal Dwarves come out.

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Chariots would be nice! The old citadel miniatures are hard to come by these days and alternatives are few and far between. (The gamezone is a bit expensive IMHO)

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I have a good number of chariots from the old days but would welcome some nice new models for them too. I also think it would be great if Mantic made a mounted EoD priest. There are many options for the footed one, but the mounted ones are hard to find suitable models for.

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Not Mantic, but have you seen these new GW minis?

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Nice but terrified of the price . Moght be close to what I could buy a mantic basic army box. But I see possibilities

You’re not wrong. :joy:

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From the new AoS non-Tombkings I’d only consider the catapult as useful. As in: Having an interesting and half-way fitting design.

The next upcoming source for TK/EoD models could be the recent TT-Combat kickstarter:

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Holey moley, these are beautiful.

The price however, will probably be so much that I do not want them, but they surely are tempting!

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Yeah, mostly just eyecandy.

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