Enforcers and GCPS strider

I got very distracted from my new year’s resolution list when I picked up a mountain of enforcers via a job lot on eBay…

One item was a strider that I had to try to paint for use with my enforcers and my very differently coloured GCPS. I was fairly happy with the result as I speed paint my deadzone models rather than spending the time I do on fantasy ones. I think the blue manages to get with both factions well enough!

Here’s the strider with pals from each faction (the peacekeeper captains paint job is awful by the way!)


Looks good! He weirdly fits in with both strike teams, despite sharing a colour scheme with neither. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I was surprised how well he fit in with both. I think the blue helmets of the rangers and the blue highlights on the enforcers are what did it. For a while I thought of just painting it black (it goes with everything right?!) but then I hate trying to paint black. Hardest colour to do well for me.


Used the Strider (actually my mate did who was playing GCPS against me using the enforcers). I’m really happy to find that the Strider is a nicely balanced unit in the game! Was slightly worried it may be an unstoppable killing machine but the 5+ stats prevent it being too awesome. Good for splitting armour open and pretty hard to kill but not unstoppable or over powered (eventually got my rocket launcher to complete his mission of “destroy the big killy thing”).