Enthral Scroll

As I’m reading it I can use it multiple times - all the other scrolls say one use only. This is balanced by requiring a really hard skill test to use and replacing shooting from part of the ship.

Am I reading this correctly?

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Yes, it seems you are reading this correctly. Enthral Scroll does not seem to have any effect other than moving closest enemy ship. The ship will stop before it hits anything so the effect cannot do any damage. Seems legit it can be used multiple times.

I see a nice shenanigan to get pulled with this. Set up Fire Arc to pull enemy ship that has another enemy ship nearby and pull one to the front of the other, so that when other activates it is on a collision course.
Can also be used to pull a rearguard ship, blocking Stern Rakes against some juicy target.

Overall nice item, not OP, requires proper setup and Skill Test pass.