EOD's Casket of the Damned

Often thought of as one of the worst unique army upgrades, you don’t see the Casket of the Damned used very much!
Has anyone had any luck/fun utilising this item?
Do you find it works well on certain units?
I’m trialling it with a couple of mummy troops as thicccc chaff with decent damage output and staying power. With EOD’s access to cheap surge (Finally!) and rev champs having surge 5, the extra dice seem like a fun option.


It’s not great for a number of reasons - as you have to declare prior to rolling for surge; most surges you need should really only be a couple of inches; it’s really only useful if you have low value surge casters; the units you really want it can’t have it!

Back/second line mummy units are about the only use I can think for it.


Only time I’ve seen it used was with a revenant horde with dragonshard shield.

I used it when I was new to the game but realized it isn’t optimal.

As a former U.S. Master would say, “If you need more than 1-2 inches of Surge, you’re doing it wrong.”

It can be fun, but it’s a big gamble. I’d love for it to be fixed somehow so I can use my custom tokens for it, hehe.


Yeh I’d love to make it work for that reason too! Totally agree with both points. I guess it has a passive affect of making your opponent think of all the “what ifs.”

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