Errata on Red compendion Front Arc

Page 15 of the Red Book, section Front Arc. Accordin to the errata, the secrion Front Arc is deleted.
Does it mean that if there is LOS from the leaders point and the visible enemy unit isn’t in your Front Arc, you can still shoot or charge it?

I guess it doesn’t happen a lot but a situation like this is possible.


Following! Some of the errata are just copied in the the latest CoK book so I don’t know if any of this is new or if they are just changing the red book to match.


Had time to look closer, and there are no meaningful changes to the rules, as the requirement to have your target in your units front arc is mentioned in both “charge” and “shoot” sections of the rules.
Could be they removed it because there are a handful of spells and abilites now that do not require the recipient to be in the front arc, so they felt it was misleading to keep it as a general requirement.


Good point of view and as solid as rock. Thank you for clearing this out!


Yeah, this. One of the RC commented as follows on FB:

That specific paragraph was deleted with the previous Errata (1.17). The “cannot interact with units outside the front arc” was a very dated line of text that was overlooked in the transition from 2nd to 3rd where auras became a standardized rule. The suggestion that you could not “interact” isnt well defined and could potentially lead to new players assuming auras/inspiring/rallying so on only applied to the front arc.

The sections of the rules where the front arc does matter, (aka charging and shooting) the front arc restriction is still spelled out as part of the steps for choosing a target of a charge/the target to shoot respectively.

TL:DR nothing changed in how to play, but potential fanatics flame wars were proactively put out.