Exact date for 3rd ed?

On behalf of us all: someone please keep us posted with an “as exact as possible” for the release :slight_smile:

The ;web site says 3rd ed starts shipping October 21st (though Ronnie said the 18th, but then he had several beers in him by then :slight_smile:).

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I bet I’ll have mine on a Sunday, somehow. Just so that the weekend is already over and I have a whole week to simmer over not getting to play…

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Shipping Oct 21

Any news on when the gamers version of the rule book will be available? I don’t fancy the idea of lugging a 400 page rule book around to games.

Nothing confirmed yet.

Doubt it will be (at least) before the release of the 2nd army book and (IMO) probably won’t before next year - there is an electronic version of the rules available for those not wanting to lug a big physical copy around

and that is probably the only reason to get it right now, given it is only $5 cheaper than the dead-tree edition.