Extended Vanguard table

So, here is my extended Vanguard table. Or any other skirmish as units would have problems maneuvering :sweat_smile:
I had a lot of indoor models from first Mantic TC KS, so I decided to built houses for all that stuff. It is 90% scratch built and all houses are modular, so models can go inside.

Extended because it is 6x4 table, but there is 3x3 mat which denotes battlefield size for Vanguard. The rest is for setting the mood :wink:

Pics are not so great, but light in my man cave is awful…











Wow! That’s a really nice table you build there! Let’s hope it sees some games soon.


sweet table, i’ve yet to try Vanguard, but it looks fun.

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Awesome stuff mate

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Thanks, guys!

@KptKeno last game on this table was at the beginning of October last year. We played Firefight.

Would be an honour to play on a table like that.

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Very nice looking table, and the ships look good too! You going to play large scale armada?

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Heh, I doubt it. I don’t think that 28mm Armada would fit on 6x4 table. IIRC The Legends of the High Seas had scenario for ship to ship combat and size of battlefield was 8x6. And that was only for two ships. And I need more ships. Perhaps Ork ships. They would be easy to build, just slapping some cardboard, mast and we are good to go!

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