Fan Art of KoW?

I know our showcase area is mainly for, well, miniature and army showcase. But I wonder if there is any fan art of KoW, like what you see with Warhammer on sites like Deviantart (even with its… unpleasant side that lives up to its name)? It could help spread awareness of the game, since so far the only art we have of KoW is the official art and the miniature showcases. I might post some stuff on such a thread once I get started on digital art (I’m an amateur with traditional art). Not to mention I’ve got some models on Hero forge (I’m not a subscriber so I would have to take screen shots.

What are you guys thoughts?

Long defunct Irowatch fanzine used to have fan art from across all games. IIRC it even had home made rules and stories with fan art for KoW. Most covers are on DeviantArt.

Outside of that, there is not much KoW related fan artwork.

This was to be wrap up cover for the last issue, but the guy behind fanzine never made it.