Fantasy-Themed Wargaming Tables, Terrain & Scenery

I’m working on a modular gaming table for use with Vanguard and other wargames and could always use more inspiration.

Feel free to post pictures of your setup or any particularly interesting fantasy-themed tables or terrain you’ve spotted (regardless of the game).

I have backed this KS, looks very promising. If you are not in it, maybe there is a chance for late backing or pick it up when it hits retail.

Fantasy Wargames Terrain from Battle Systems™, via @Kickstarter


Backing the Goblin Grotto part of the Printable Scenery Kickstarter. Seems like it would be general enough for various board types and would look great with grass or snow flocking on top.

I’m interested in how you plan to make your modular table! Do you think about 1’x1’ tiles? Something else?

For now, at home I use a big standard fantasy mat, some houses from 4ground, some trees, various scatter, … and it is a bit limited, but it works out OK! I also play quite often at the FLGS anyway.

I’ve been 3D printing the blank Terrascapes Hextiles and flocking them for a general grass field look. Each tile is roughly 6 inches across with a 5mm thickness and each side has two holes, into which I’ve installed 1x2mm magnets. I can arrange them however I need and they stay aligned.

The original plan was to complete a 31" x 42" grassy area then immediately start making coastal/other terrain types but I think I’ll take a break first. I’d rather focus on buildings/scatter terrain and, of course, actually using it to play :stuck_out_tongue: .

My table is limited to 31" in the one direction so that was another motivation for using these tiles over a simple neoprene 3’x3’ mat. Also, I needed everything to be compact since I live in an apartment. It’s my first project like this but I’m pleased with it so far (still a work in progress).



Woah, love these! I’m now officially tempted to copy that idea :wink:

I need to start printing some hexes now. Table and terrain look great.

Resurrecting another thread rather than start a similar one. This was the most recent table I laid out. A mix of Ulvheim 3d printed ruins from Thingiverse, a Reaper Bones ruined tower and standing stones, and Fenris Games resin cairns and barrows. With some of the Mantic vanguard Kickstarter bits scattered around as well.

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