FAQ or Easy Army


One Question which came up in my last game.
We noticed that the units in EasyArmy and the Rulebook+FAQ are not iddentical.
Which ressource is now the correct one?

In our case some Elve Units like War Chariots or Drakon Riders have the asterisk so are irregular if use the current Rulebook + FAQ from the mantic site, but in EasyArmy the don’t have the awsterisk and are regualr.

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Some changes were made to armies/units in the most recent Clash of Kings update found in:

These have been incorporated into EasyArmy, so it’s using the most current rules/army lists.


Ok Thanks.

For new players or restarting players like me its hard to find. A hint in the FAQ or better the changes in the FAQ would be nice. If you didnt play against player how know this most of peoploe would not notice the changes. :smiley:


it says right below the button to create your army list

Kings of War Third Edition FAQ & Errata available now: