Favourite and least favourite army 3rd edition

just a little bit of fun, I wanted to get a bit of a site consensus on what your favourite and least favourite army is in 3rd edition. This doesn’t have to be how hard your troops hit or how grand your heros are, it could just be the mini sculps are amazing.

For example if you have seen any of my post my favourite army right now is Northern Alliance, on paper its the army ive always wanted, Humans, elfs, monsters and the ice elemental mini is one of my favourite sculpts ever.

I have to say one of my least favourite armys is the basileans mainly because my first taste of the army was the Palace foot gaurd, one of the worst mini scuplts in terms of building and painting i have ever tried to build/paint

On a side note really excited about the new goblins and ratkin models.


i currently have three armies, Northern Alliance, which are all Mantic models and some great sculpts, (not fond on the Ice Naiads though, as they are delicate, fiddly and challenging to paint. ) I also have some Elf archers and Dwarf Shieldbreakers as part of this army.
I also have an Orc army, (non Mantic- made from Orruks mostly Savage and converted Orks and a few old Warhammer Fantasy models, and a smaller old GW Goblin army, which i’m currently building onto with some of the Mantic goblins.
The newer Mantic models are sweet models, and my NA army with remain my first choice, but my goblins are overtaking my Orcs, in my heart if not yet in points.
From what i’ve seen, the Ratkin look nice too
Least favourite for me are the Dwarfs,(those saucepan helmets don’t do it for me, and i’d like to see more without helmets) although i do like the Free Dwarf berserkers and Brock riders, but being metal models are expensive, so i doubt i’ll start a Free Dwarf army any time soon. Saying that, i’ve come to like my own regiment of Shieldbreakers.

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Definitely night-stalkers.
The Mantic models are great and I’m into that kind of horror.
The list has been refined for 3rd edition too, it feels more cohesive and tested.

I am fond of my dwarfs too, but I’ve liked dwarves since long before KoW.
The Mantic dwarfs are nice enough and have some character.


I have to admit the nightstalkers are fantastic models
, I got a horde of scarecrows just to paint and make a horror multibase, but now I’m tempted to start the army :sweat_smile:


Would agree that the nightstalkers have some some really great models.

I do like the Clansmen kit - but they are massive b*ggers (and really should be huscarls!) but bit of a shame that there are limited sculpts for the NA elves.

Want to like an undead army, but seems too cookie cutter and skeletons don’t really seem to work.

In a way I’m glad they aren’t doing KoM models as it gives free rein to use anything historic etc - and there is another variety in the list (along with basileans, brothermark, OotGL, rhordia, NA & Varangur options) to simply find models you like and make an army

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It is a shame about the NA elf models.

I took @Nav advice and picked up the mirkwood rangers from games workshop for the middle earth game, they work perfectly for elf clansman, they are slightly dwarfed by the mantic clansman.

The kingdom of men is one ive looked at recently using a mix of human warriors thought out history, perry minitures do some really good 1400s era mins.

And for the titan of the army I looked at making a siege tower or trojan horse.

Its one of the things I really enjoy about KOW you can really make an army your own


Kingdom of Men, so much versatility. The list can cover a huge range of play styles. With all the historical models available it offers an endless opportunity for modelers.

Worst has to be Orcs, then Goblins. Only because they should really be one force. Splitting them into two, just feels wrong for me.


Ironically, when Orcs and Goblins were one army in WHF, i tended to play just Goblins most of the time, although i would like to see more random wild lunacy in the Goblin army than is there currently.
I do agree though that there should be a possible unified force option, similar to what Varungur is with Northern Alliance, or Free Dwarfs are with Dwarfs. You can take an Orc force with Goblin Allies or visa versa currently, if you wish.
I love the Northern alliance, but would love them to have Chariots ( wolf sleds ) or horse cavalry, and would be tempted by Kingdoms of men just for that option

Best army has to be Undead for me. I also like Sylvan Kin (yes, I actually do like the Mantic elves!).

Worst army is possibly Undead too, because I had to paint so many Zombies for just 170pt!:smile:

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I just ran chariot as NA frostfang

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Good idea

Using my Samurai as Basileans. First shooty army in quite a long time