Favourite orc infantry?

The question is somewhat self explanatory, but would also be nice to know why from orc players.

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It’s more the supporting units which make the orc infantry tasty than the specific infantry stats.

Ax hordes are cheap for what you get, then dump ever present wardrum and Inspiring godspeaker behind them and they become horrible.

One of the army reviews based everything on being buffed by wardrums, as you’d be an idiot not to - which is the one downside of the RFO!

Even at de4, 23/25 effective greatax do not die and kill stuff back!


Indeed, the support options are amazing!

Longax in my opinion look like great all-rounders for an orc frontline.
What spells do you usually give godspeakers? I am tempted towards heal and bane chant.

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Cavalry doesn’t charge orc hordes even without Phalanx!

Would probably pick Drain Life over Heal - the Periscope item is fun!

Personally I like Longax for defense and Morax for offense (their Wild Charge speed boost really helps for that).
I struggle to get great use out of Greatax, and Ax are kind of just filler in the list. Never tried Youngax.


Morax regiments and troops are GOLD. The number of attacks, decent cost, fearless, wild charge D3 make them a cornerstone of lists.

Edit: Yikes! I included this bit about Fight Wagons as I misread the thread title! I’ll leave it in as it might be helpful. Lack of sleep I tell ya…

Fight Wagon legion with Strength is an absolute destroyer. A good friend of mine took that to a major event, got third and won at the top table. He wasn’t undefeated so he didn’t win the whole thing but he beat the current U.S. Master.

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