FFS podcast posted about 5 basic rule changes coming up in V3

So FFS chimed in with a little smattering to add to the kindling before the fire. Jeff Swann came on and talked about 5 things in the rules adjustments they wanted to share with the community.


This was great stuff!


Quite excited about these changes.

Love the mighty/yielding character change, I think it is a good move.

The ‘no-bounce back’ will be interesting, but would prefer to read the entire rule before forming an opinion.

The change to how you measure charges I think is good, mostly to help infantry. I wonder if measuring ranges in general will also change with this? Or will we still be measuring shooting from the leader point


Man, anyone got a summary? I’m just not interested in sifting through this.

In the topic third ed rumours there is a summary

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Rage quit!! My knowledge of abusing loopholes/quirks in the rules will no longer win me games vs newbs waaaaaaahh !!


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