Finally done with cottage/shed

Finally done with my scratch build shed/cottage


That looks really good, too often terrain gets left to last and ends up not being done well. Which I think takes away from the spectacle of the game.

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Ah thanks ! I plan to do a lot more . I want to do buildings that fit the style of the faction’s/race’s

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Looking forward to seeing how they turn out a while village done like that will look ace.

Also, love the Osteospermum in the background :grin:

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Hahaha…good eye.

Very nice scratchbuilt project, very impressive… have you pictures of the WIP too? forget that…found some.

Thank you , really cool to hear . i don’t know what WIP means. I am building a new one thow, not far from done on that one .

Work in Progress…WIP. Keep up the good work. very inspiring. i hope to soon tackle building a viking longhouse myself

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Not really, i’m kind of new to all of this social media stuff. I have of my new build but i don’t feel comfortable posting on here anymore until i’m finished. I used to show every step and every mistake i made in one of my projects. But that was found to be spamming… so i post my steps on Instagram . If you want to see here is the link johanvan_der_weele@instagram.
Thanks for the interest , that’s really nice of you