Finally made a multi base

Having procrastinated for ever, decided to give multi basing a go using my Mantic goblin spitter hoard.
Without a doubt the worst miniatures I’ve ever bought, so thought a good way of deflecting attention from them was to multi base!
In reality ’I’ didn’t actually do anything, but my wife stepped in and produced this:

The tower thing & tree behind is in fact a tower with a tree nearby that she built as terrain, it’s not part of a bonkers base designed to really upset KoshtraBelorn et al with its excess😂 (!)
From another angle-

It also only fitted 30 miniatures, meaning another multi base featuring the other 10 and some friends is in the pipeline…


Nice base! Yeah, goblins are…well, less said, the better =)

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Hey, the overall look is great! Keep Multibasing :slight_smile:

Looks great.

I went OathMark with my Goblins but you managed to make the Mantic ones look the part.

Thank you. What are the oathmark minis like? I’ve mainly got GW goblins from the mid 1980s, plus a bunch of Nick Lund’s Chronicle Orcs masquerading as luggits , so am happy to mix and match provided they look good. Well, evil actually, but you know what I mean

These are their goblin wolf riders. Just in the process of painting ninety of their goblin infantry. Great miniatures in my opinion.

I’m delighted with the whole Oathmark range. Good quality classic fantasy miniatures at a price that makes mass battles viable. I’m building a goblin, elf and dwarf army using the range as a base for core troops.

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They look great and I love a huge cavalry unit. The wolves remind me of GW ones of a certain era that I loved and now regret not buying.
Having only just got over painting the 40 spitters, painting 90 fills me with fear. Good luck with them

First of all: congrats on your first multibase! It looks surprisingly imposing, in particular since you used the Mantic spitter models! And also congrats on getting your significant other to contribute to the hobby!

As they are irregular, I’d say 40 is enough. Paint 5 more to build a 3rd regiment and leave it at that. The models easily convert to rabble and spitters even without the metal parts. You’ll just need some hands/arms with weapons that will match the models.

This sharpstick horde is Mantic sharpsticks combined with metal mantic spears, GW goblin parts and GW skink parts. I still own a few more spitters and If I get to painting them I’m gonna add perry twins historical arms which also match roughly. i might need some green stuff, though.

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Thanks Vince. I read your blog. In fact it may have been what lead me here!!
Those goblins on their duck boards are very cool. Although your zombie cart is my favourite.
I’ve already got a loads of goblins from WHFB all based up on 20mm squares, who make up various size rabbles and sharpsticks, so no multibasing for them unfortunately.
With you mentioning that spitters are irregular, I think I’ve far too many of them now.
I managed to rope my wife in to the battles too. She was playing goblins and moaning about their lack of shooting, so you can see where my over zealousness with spitters came from.
But ordinarily she’s the terrain builder in chief -
All scratch built apart from the gates and gate posts


Thanks for the compliments! Your (wife’s) terrain looks marvelous too!

And goblins lacking shooting? Gobz can do the gunline better than anyone, so this is easily corrected. Try this one:

There’s 250 points to spend (a spitter horde and regiment, for instance) but think you’d want some hitters such as trolls or cavalry. That said, the below army will give you a lot of bang for your buck with enough US and nerve to last you the game. Your counterpunch is rather weak, so you need to get rid of the heavy hitters before they reach your lines.

If a goblin army with 6 war machines, 2 spitters and assorted support is fun to play, is something entirely different, though… All things in moderation also apply to war machines. Especially if they are goblin.

Thanks Vince. That’s a mad army: I love it. Sadly I’ve only got 1 mawpup launcher and 1 winggit, although I could proxy something for them I guess.
We’re only playing with 1400 points at the moment too as we learn the game. She’s taken the spitter hoard, so we’ll see if that’s sufficient!

Looks great