Finally painting some elves

Long ago, I played a different game and decided to add some high elves to my orcs and gobbos. Then it looked like they might get merged with their forest kin… And then the world exploded. I guess that’s what I deserved since the size of the hands on some of GW’s models was offputting to me and I was trying to put together a bunch of disparate minis into an army. Various test models were painted but there remained a fundamental problem is that the shabbiest elf should have better taste than I have so none of them really seemed good enough to base an army on.

Anyhow fast forward to today and I’ve resurrected this project and here are my new test models based around the Reaper color Icy Violet:


On the left a Last Sword printed elf. In the middle a GameZone elf that’s had a decade to get a real nice cure on it’s primer coat. On the right an Oathmark Elf.

As usual the Oathmark minis show off a simple paint job to maximum effect. Meanwhile the GameZone mini is a perfect argument for not doing a rank and flank game with individual bases.

Now question time: Any pointers on different accent colors I should try? Should I stick with one accent color or try to vary it from unit to unit? Should I stick with a simple flock, tufts and rocks basing scheme or try for a fancy multibased scheme on my first KoW army?


The ice blue looks very good on them!
I suppose a pale orange/red/pink would be the natural choices for a contrast color, if you think that looks alright.
Maybe some small variations would be cool but if in doubt stick to the same, with only minimum variation, that gives a good uniform look.

You should try some white glue + sand across the entire base for a starter at least, that gives a good surface to paint and then add tufts / stones / etc at a later stage.

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You can tell I’m no artist because I’m always surprised by the interactions between colors:


IMO, the green cloak works but it turns the elf into something more cartoony, like from the Hobbit instead of from LotR. Maybe try some white? But why would I do that to myself?

On the left is a slightly converted GameZone dark elf. If I can remember that far back it’s a head swap with some GW wood elf.


Or maybe I should add in the magenta highlight color?

Luckily I had forgotten to over paint the inside of the cloak.

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I think this is the last of the test models I’ll need to do. At least for infantry. In this case a really nice Reaper sculpt:

Any advice or ideas people want to throw my way before I get stuck in would be appreciated.


Contemplating mounting these on 3/4 washers then printing sabots for both skirmish games and KoW. Well not those giant Reaper elves.

Some prototypes.

Does this seem doable? You can kind of see why GW decided to do away with 20mm bases.

I like the green cloak. Maybe highlight further towards yellow, but i think it works nicely - and will work even better once you have a few of them together.

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yeah that pale green looks ace :slight_smile:

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Looking good.

[Base size point - rounds were always 25mm or bigger from GW and take up more space than square. Easily drop the 5th models front/back without the unit looking wrong?]

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Trying to work on faces. I feel this looks better close up than on the table.


More faces.

Stupid stupid eyes. Also the GW head I swapped in and the face on the metal musician are easier to paint than the others.


Some refinement on the basing

In the second photo everything is suspended from a steel sheet without additional magnets. Need to refine how deep the washers are recessed.

Overall I’m liking this setup. The pull of the magnets seems just about right for KoW. Maybe slightly strong if you wanted figure removal in game. And the round bases help with ranking up figures compared to square ones because they rotate.

The pointy hoods on these sculpts are great.

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A prototype of basing:



Been on vacation and doing some more painting.

I normally do metallics by drybrushing and I’m a messy drybrusher so I like to do that first and get it out of the way.


This is the second half of the archer unit. Almost done, I think.


Some Reaper sculpts getting a base coat.

The mini on the painting handle has different equipment than the others and I still need to work out exactly how to fit her in.

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These are looking done-ish. Maybe the leader and standard bearer could be worked on.

Back to some Oathmark elves.


Some base coats

Some shading (but no focus)