Firebrand - do you need to take Corsairs?

Looking at Firebrand and she’s just great. Intrigued as to whether people feel that there is then a need to take corsairs to support her and make use of the elite?

If you don’t, the you are ‘wasting’ the aura ability - but if you do take them then you end up with firebrand tagging along with a slowish unit, to get use out of an ability that wastes the corsairs shooting :wink:

exactly. But for the price at 120pts I think she is still a steal so am considering it

Yeah, and having another unrestricted Inspiring source is always handy

yeah, shame her shooting attack doesn’t apply with duellist. That’ be wonderfully fluffily.

Anecdotally, I’ve only seen her with corsairs in a single corsair skew list in 2E (when they had a formation, right?), otherwise by herself … or most often, not at all :face_with_head_bandage: