First 2000 point ogre list

Lots of fun this morning getting an ogre list sorted…

Getting unlocks is bothersome… But flavourful…
Regiments not unlocking sucks
Not being able to use easy army currently is no fun either… Must remember to give them a few quid once they updated …
but I think this will be a fun list

Warriors legion with blessing of the gods
Boomer horde
Braves horde
Shaman with life leach
Shaman with life leach and inspiring talisman
Shooter regiment
Shooter regiment
Goblin scouts regiment

2000 points

I’m just playing with new toys really… Giant and a cool mini for Grokagamok… Irregular shooters makes them chaff now right?

Critics and advice very welcome :grin:


The list you wrote seems fun, but I am not sold on the warrior horde. It would be nice if you could write up how it worked out.
If you can spare 10 points somewhere you could upgrade the Boomers to Boomers on Chariots. You would get +2 movement/shooting distance. I am planning to play around with them as chaff as well.

I’ve got a few things to buy and build… But I was thinking of doing some battle reports going forward… Ill keep you posted…

I would have preferred to have two warrior hordes…but unlocks are so expensive for ogres I just didn’t have the extra fifty points needed to make that work…

I think I’m going to have to choose between my favourite new miniature for Grokagamok (avatars of war with great weapon) and the mantic giant… 475 points for two drops is maybe a bit excessive…

But won’t know until I play some games

Also having just checked… Boomer chariots are irregular… If I put boomers on Wheels I’d have to lose a hero too

You are right, I missed the irregular part on the chariots.
I really love the combination of giant + Grokagamork in my lists as well. I am planning to use them next sunday on our gaming day.